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Call for Proposals for The 2022 Annual Conference

Want to take part and contribute in our 2022 Annual Conference? Here is your chance to talk about the topics that matter to you the most!

We are excited for the next meeting of the Society of Jewish Ethics, which will be held in person January 6-9, 2022 in Costa Mesa, CA. We may offer remote sessions before and/or after the conference depending on interest.

The deadline to submit proposals is Monday, June 7, 2021.

Proposals dealing with any aspect of Jewish ethics—theoretical or applied, classical or contemporary—are welcome. We seek proposals on any topic, including projects that utilize philosophical, historical, social scientific, cultural studies, literary, or critical theoretical approaches to matters of Jewish ethics.

We welcome proposals addressing issues such as:

  • Sexual ethics (especially in the context of #metoo)

  • Criminal justice (with a focus on racialization and mass incarceration)

  • Bioethics and health policy

  • Economic justice

  • Business ethics

  • Environmental ethics

  • Ethics and law

  • Animal ethics

  • The rabbinate and power

  • The relationship between Jews and the Genocides of Others

  • And more...

This year we are particularly interested in presentations dealing with issues related to racial justice, policing, democracy and the events of January 6. We are also interested in proposals related to the ethics of academic institutions and organizations. In addition, since it is a shmittah year we are interested in proposals relating to environmental and economic justice and the disparate economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic as well as lessons learned from a year where many people worked from home and used less fossil fuel-based transportation.

Presentations might also include innovative syllabi in ethics-related disciplines. We are also interested in presentations that highlight activism, for example, the role of Jewish ethicists as activists and consultants, or the intersection of the study of Jewish ethics and activist practice. Panel proposals involving members of the Society of Christian Ethics and Society for the Study of Muslim Ethics are welcome.

This year we are requesting proposals for individual papers and panels. We welcome proposals for papers to be either presented in a session or pre-circulated and discussed during a session. All proposals should include: a tentative title, a proposal (500-700 words), an abbreviated abstract of 100 words to appear in the conference program (this can be revised later), a selected bibliography, and the contact information of the presenter (name, institutional affiliation, phone number, and e-mail address). Please also let us know if you would require the ability to participate remotely. Panel proposals should include this contact information for all participants.

All papers are reviewed anonymously.

We encourage authors to submit their completed papers for publication in the Journal of Jewish Ethics. All presenters must become members of the SJE. Ample scholarships are available for the conference this year, with preference given to graduate students and contingent faculty with no institutional support.

Please submit proposals without identifying information using the SJE 2022 Submission Form. You will be asked to sign into a Google Account to use the submission form.

If you do not have a Google account, you can send your proposal via e-mail to:

Questions about the conference may be sent to conference co-chairs, Adrienne Krone and Aryeh Cohen:

The deadline for submission of proposals is Monday, June 7, 2021.

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