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Get involved: Join the SJE board!

Joining the SJE board is a great way to support the Society of Jewish Ethics and to make the SJE a better academic organization.

In January 2022, the SJE membership approved some changes to the SJE board. Here you'll find a description of the various positions on the board. We hope you'll find one that will enable you to bring your interests and skills to the SJE. If you have any questions, please reach out to Joel Gereboff, past president of the SJE, who is chairing the nominating process this year.


2-year term

Presides at the Annual Meeting and at the meetings of Board of Directors

In conjunction with the Board of Directors, coordinates the planning and execution of the Annual Meeting and all activities associated with it.

Notifies the membership of the Society about actual and proposed activities, issues facing the Society, and any policies that might affect the membership.

Liaison to the SCE

Vice President

2-year term

Attends all board meetings and annual business meeting

Coordinates catering and all food at Annual Meeting, including working with hotel caterer.

Steps in to role of President if President is unable to perform duties.


2-year term

Attends all board meetings and annual business meeting

Supervises all financial affairs of the Society including, but not limited to, the collection of dues, monitoring of accounts receivable, paying bills, and keeping an accurate accounting of the Society’s funds.

Gives a financial report to the Society.

Keeps an up-to-date list of the membership of the Society.


2-year term

Attends all board meetings and annual business meeting

Takes notes at the meetings to be shared with the board in a timely manner.

Takes the lead on producing position statements released from the SJE, either writing them or organizing others to write them.

Responsible for keeping/updating all records, such as the by-laws, and procedures, such as the process for reviewing scholarship applications and providing honoraria for plenary speakers.


2 year term

Attends all board meetings and annual business meeting

Program Committee Co-Chairs

Attends all board meetings and annual business meeting

One Program Committee Co-Chair will be selected every year, so that each individual will serve for two (2) years, once as a junior chair and once as a senior chair.

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