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Letter From the President Regarding the 2021 SJE Conference

Dear colleagues,

With great pleasure, I invite you to register for the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Society of Jewish Ethics (SJE) which will take place virtually from January 7-10. As always, the SJE Annual Meeting is held concurrently with the Annual Meetings of both Society of Christian Ethics (SCE) and the Society for the Study of Muslim Ethics (SSME), affording SJE members the opportunity to attend SCE and SSME sessions as well as SJE sessions. Zoom links for all sessions will be provided after you register.

This year the SJE has nine sessions, starting Thursday morning at 10 am (EST)—all times are EST. You will find further details on the schedule on the “Schedule” page. The format for the conference will be different this year due to its being online. All papers will be available prior to the conference on the conference website. Those attending the sessions are strongly urged to read the papers in advance. During the actual session, each presenter will speak only briefly about their paper so as to provide more time for interaction and to minimize the amount of passive time everyone would spend on Zoom.

In addition to these sessions, there are times for informal conversation before and after each day’s program.

This year the conference registration will be free for anyone other than full-time employed faculty members for whom the registration fee is just $75.00.

We are grateful to all who can make a donation to help support scholarships and graduate students attending the conference. We hope that, while you register for the conference, you will also make a donation to the SJE or to our Adrienne Asch scholarship.

I look forward to seeing you in the sessions of the conference.


Joel Gereboff SJE President

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